About us



We guarantee that all interactions with us are 100% private and secure. By using our contact form your communication cannot be traced and the information is not stored.

Our personnel will never seek to ascertain your identity and users are asked to maintain their anonymity when interacting with us.


We are not interested in personalities but rather in working with people to empower them to overcome the challenges they encounter.


Many people mistakenly believe that sex chat lines will solve their problems when all they need is someone to talk to. Not everyone wants or needs to talk dirty; maybe that person is you.


We cover a wide range of issues but we focus on depression and loneliness. Please contact us in confidence and discuss anything that's on your mind.



Iamhere4u was founded in 2011 by someone who observed the suicide of another and realised only after the fact that the individual was in pain but had not been able to talk to someone. In this particular case the person was a celebrity and we can only assume that he was afraid of being let down by anyone in whom he might have confided. On the other hand he wanted to protect his family from his pain so he did not feel he could share his turmoil with them. In his desperation he felt he had no option but to end it all.


We are particularly keen to hold the hands of those who are struggling in silence, show them love and help them find their way where there appears to be no way.


Today, Iamhere4u is connecting strangers from across the globe who are available to converse in total anonymity - no fear of your identity being uncovered and no need to fear being blackmailed. We talk to you about your problems, and if necessary we share our own. We find that talking through our emotional struggles is an effective way to reduce levels of anger, stress, depression and pain. Sharing and connecting with strangers who have been where you are is a wonderful place of comfort and reassurance that leads to healing, happiness and joy.


Core Belief


We have the power to choose what we hear, challenge what we bear, change what we wear, and focus on what we choose to endear.


We not here as counsellors, life coaches or advisers; rather, we see ourselves as confidants. Although we are professionals from a wide range of subject areas, here at Iamhere4u it is our life experience that counts.


We have been through the fire and back and now we use our experience to help others cope with their problems, find ways of handling emotional distress and create their own light as they exit their tunnelling experience.




To provide a space where people feel secure, respected and loved; where individuals experiencing life challenges can seek comfort by reaching out to someone who does not judge them and who will not divulge their information.




  • Value our callers

We find practical and effective means to interact with our callers. Our success is measured by their satisfaction.

  • Empower our people

We provide training and support to our listeners so that they are able to operate confidently and avoid taking on the stresses of others. We also encourage our callers to explore their options and in this regard identify their own solutions to their own situations.

  • Operate with integrity

We believe in honesty. We strive to maintain high ethical and moral standards in our business practices.

  • Listen, learn and share

We not only listen to our callers but where necessary we show empathy by sharing our life experiences with those who have taken the decision to get in touch.

Call us if you are sad, lonely, miserable, nostalgic or hurting!


Call us too if you are happy and just want to talk.

Some issues we discuss:


Abortion, Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Conflict, Denial, Despair, Desperation, Divorce, Domestic violence, Emotional hurt, Family breakdown, Broken Friendships, Grief, Guilt, Health worries, Infertility, Infidelity, Joblessness, Loneliness, Loss, Miscarriage, Mistrust, Obsessions, Phobias, Relationships, Sadness, Sex-related matters, Sexuality, Spirituality, Trauma, Work-related issues.

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