Iamhere4u was founded in 2011 to provide a confidential service to people who are experiencing life challenges but did not want to open up to people they know. There are many reasons why this may be the case -

  • they are afraid of gossip,
  • fear of letting down their family
  • scared of being judged.

This is a dangerous situation to be in and this had led to mental health issues and suicides.

We are particularly keen to hold the hands of those who are struggling in silence. Through our inspirational programme we are able to help them to find their way, especially when there appears to be no way.

Today, Iamhere4u is connecting with individuals from across the globe who are able to converse in total anonymity - without the fear of exposure. We talk with you about your concerns, and we ask questions that will enable you to explore your own innate solutions and find answers that you might not have considered. We find that talking through our emotional struggles is an effective way to reduce levels of anger, stress, depression and pain. Sharing and connecting with strangers who have no hidden agenda is a wonderful place of comfort and reassurance that leads to healing, happiness and joy.



We are here

for you


Life is a learning process. I've had to learn this the hard way. Call me and I would love to listen to and help you through your concerns; every day is a new day and sharing helps to get us through.

I know because I've been there, many times.

     I pride myself upon never judging a person--"Before you judge me, walk a mile in my shoes" is a motto I hold dear.

     I am empathetic and easy to listen to with a great deal to offer. I will not judge you; I listen to what you have to say and help you make choices. I am that friend who will never turn you away.

Call me in confidence.


My story may well be one very similar to yours in parts.  Throughout my life I have lived through many ups and downs, I've been pulled in various directions but I've fought back and pulled myself through.

     There have been periods in my life where I thought I could never get back up and on a few occasions almost never did. I have learned to be a good friend, someone who listens well. I have a dry sense of humor that has helped me survive through some pretty horrible experiences. While not trained as a counselor, I have a lifetime of experience to draw from.

     If you want to talk give me a call. I'm here for you. 

Contact us in confidence

Let us help you

through those difficult moments


We not here as counsellors, life coaches or advisers; rather, we see ourselves as confidants - professionals with wide ranging life experiences. We have been through the fire and back and now we use our experience to help others manage issues  and identify strategies for overcoming and be able to create their own light to take them through the tunnels of life.


Iamhere4u provides comfort and a safe space to explore for individuals who are battling life challenges that deny them the opportunity to have a peaceful existence.


We offer confidential emotional support and inspirational coaching  via our online service. 

We help you identify and explore your problems, develop strategies for coping with emotional stress, awaken latent skills, build inner strength, boost self esteem and confidence; and promote  healing.  Our confidential service is offered on an anonymous basis; your identity is protected, we keep no records and we request no personal details.   


We work with clients with varying issues but if you are suicidal, homicidal or experiencing severe mental health issues please contact a qualified therapist as we are not trained to handle such issues. 


I, like most people, have had my share of life's ups and downs, and I have found ways of getting through, around and over these obstacles.

     I know that sometimes we have concerns that we just do not feel comfortable sharing with our nearest and dearest. Sometimes you just wish that you could let off steam or talk about issues that you do not want to bother your friends and family about.

     You need to be able to talk in strictest confidence to someone you do not know, and who doesn't know you... someone who can provide a listening ear; someone who will listen to you and help you find your own solutions. Call me in confidence.


My career background is in local government investigations, during which I dealt with people from all walks of life, assisting them with their problems, prior to setting up and running my own successful business. On the surface I appeared successful and self-confident; yet deep within I carried a kernel of low self-esteem due to residual emotional issues.

     By a process of self-discovery and a willingness to be open to new ways of thinking, I overcame the obstacles that had held me back. With the knowledge I have gained and the sense of empathy and capacity for emotional support I have developed through my own experience, I will provide a safe sounding board for you to discuss issues that are causing you concern or creating problems in your life. 

Talk to someone  in confidence

knowing that your information is safe with us.


To provide a space where people feel secure, respected and loved; where individuals experiencing life challenges can seek comfort by reaching out to someone who does not judge them and who will not divulge their information.


Iamhere4u is dedicated to enabling people to achieve a peaceful existence by engaging with them to tap into their innate self to find answers to their life challenges.    

We use unique creative problem-solving techniques including inspirational quotes as a platform for our intervention.



RESPECT our callers - We find practical and effective means to interact with our callers. Our success is measured by their satisfaction.

EMPOWER our people - We provide support to our staff so that they are able to operate confidently and confidentially in their roles as confidants and/or coaches.  We also empower our clients to proceed with  confidence, thereby avoiding a dependency relationship.

OPERATE WITH INTEGRITY -  We maintain high ethical and moral standards in our business practices. We listen and help our clients without unecessary probing or aggravation.


We'll discuss a range of areas including:

Abortion, Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Career, Conflict, Denial, Despair, Desperation, Divorce, Domestic violence, Emotional hurt, Family breakdown, Broken Friendships, Grief, Guilt, Health worries, Infertility, Infidelity, Joblessness, Loneliness, Loss, Miscarriage, Mistrust, Obsessions, Phobias, Relationships, Sadness, Sex-related matters, Sexuality, Spirituality, Work-related issues.