Confidential Chatlines

an opportunity to vent and discuss in confidence anything that's on your mind

Inspirational Coaching

 if you are seeking creative solutions to issues that deny you a peaceful existence 



We offer confidential emotional support via the telephone.  This is a service where callers can mask their identity if that makes them more comfortable.  Indeed if you are concerned about anonymity this is a given.  

Discuss anything that's on your mind in total confidence, knowing that your secret is safe with us.  We use a third party to process payments, thus we have no access to client information and we hold no records - neither written nor in audio. 

Please note that this is not an advice line.  We do not claim to be professional counsellors and those who are experiencing severe mental health issues are encouraged to seek help from professionals who are trained to provide such support.  If you have suicidal or homicidal thoughts please seek professional help as we are not trained in this area.

While we are open to discussing issues relating to sex, please note that this is not a sex chatline and no personal services are on offer.


Our inspirational coaching is innovative and cannot be found elsewhere as at the present time.  We harness the power of inspirational quotes and creative materials, exploring them with you so that you can arrive at your own strategies which will uniquely address uncertainties in your personal and professional life.

We help you identify and explore your problems, develop strategies for coping with emotional stress, awaken latent skills, build inner strength, boost self esteem and confidence; and promote  healing.  You will have homework to do that will take you into uncharted areas that were just lying there waiting to be explored.  Some of the materials are taken from Masters in Business Administration (MBA) creative management programmes.

You may wish to keep your identity a secret, it's all up to you.  We keep no personal details but we do keep track of what we have covered in these sessions, we record the assignments given to you, your progress and the plan going forward. Once an issue is resolved the material is carefully destroyed.

Talk to someone  in confidence

knowing that your information is safe with us.


"Having spoken to Maggie I am now clearer in my head.  She was excellent in providing thought-provoking questions which made me look at life differently and brought a different perspective to my situation.  Thank you very much" 

Victor R.

Thank you guys; thank you so very much. 

Paul P.

Talking to your staff was literally a life-saving exercise.  I had a series of sessions which kept me grounded and helped me to  rise from the ashes I felt I was wallowing in.  Thank you so much for providing this service.

Shawn T.

I was really down and out when I discovered Iamhere4U.  I was really at my wits end but I am so grateful to have talked with Steph.  How she managed to help me, I do not know but what I do know is that I am a million miles ahead of where I was.  I'm so grateful.


We don't

judge you.

We don't

grill you.

We don't

dictate to you.

We empower you!

Talk to us about anything

Talk to someone  in confidence

knowing that your information is safe with us.


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As a member or guest, your personal information is never shared with our confidants or anyone else.


  • No action can be taken against Iamhere4u toward any claims made during a call as all users are anonymous.

  • You understand that the service does not provide professional advice but instead is a means of venting and an opportunity to explore options.
    you understand that the service is not for mental illness diagnosis or psychological therapy.

  • You access the service at your own risk.

  • Iamhere4u does not evaluate, provide, produce or control listening services, or the information or exchanges between members, in any manner.

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We'll discuss a range of areas including:

Abortion, Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Career, Conflict, Denial, Despair, Desperation, Divorce, Domestic violence, Emotional hurt, Family breakdown, Broken Friendships, Grief, Guilt, Health worries, Infertility, Infidelity, Joblessness, Loneliness, Loss, Miscarriage, Mistrust, Obsessions, Phobias, Relationships, Sadness, Sex-related matters, Sexuality, Spirituality, Work-related issues.